Building engaging forms

Best practices to Gamify


Gamification concepts are used in Feedier to turn boring forms (aka surveys) into engaging experiences.

Built-in features

Feedier forms already present gamification features that you can use or turn off (Settings > Advanced Settings):

  • Podiums at the end (top 3 based on Feedback time and content)
  • Encouraging dynamic messages (bottom right corner)
  • Animations when going from one step to the next
  • Digital experience (fits every device, confettis rain…)

Tip 1: Give an incentive

First tip to make the end-user experience more experience, turn the form into a game with a reward at the end. There are three kind of incentives that provide a better experience and boost your response rate:

  • Social impact rewards. Incentives that motivate respondents and provide social impact for your communities. The respondent does not get a direct reward but gives you value with his Feedback and the value is transferred by you as social impact. Examples are planting a tree every 50 feedbacks, local charity donation every 30 feedbacks.
  • Loyalty rewards. Give a coupon or loyalty points to the participant at the end. Not only does it boost the response rate, but it also lets you build loyalty and engagement with your customers.
  • Gift rewards. Mostly used internally, this does not bring direct value do your business except making the participant (when he gets the reward) very happy. This could be a chance to get an Amazon discount code.

Rewards can be set up in Feedier for every form, with full control over the probability and number of rewards available for a given form. More details on this article.

Tip 2: Interactive questions

The second tip to make your forms more gamified is to stop using boring text questions. Feedier provides 12 unique question types and some of them will make the experience way more enjoyable to the end-user. Key benefits are:

  • Faster to answer
  • Easier insights from graphics

To learn more about creating questions in Feedier, check out this article.

Here are three question types you can use to create engaging experiences:

Smileys question type

Image select question type

Stars slider question type

Tip 3: Interactive descriptions

The third tip to gamify to your forms is to use fun and engaging question descriptions or transitions. One of the easiest way is to use GIFs. GIFs are available in all the Feedier editors:

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