Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

Data insights


From your dashboard, click “Data insights” ( Figure 1)

Figure 1

Available report sets

  • General: General reports are a summary of all Feedback data received. More Feedback collected = More data to view and summarize. (Figure 2)
Figure 2
  • Rating Answers: Ratings measure and map satisfaction of your product and services. See at a glance the ratings that matter to your team. (Figure 3)
Figure 3
  • Question Insights: This represents a computed view of all your question answers. (Figure 4)
Figure 4
  • Custom fields carry the extra data attached to your Feedback, letting you make better sense of who and where your participants are (Figure 5)
Figure 5
  • Push Requests: Pushes are SMS and emails sent from your team through Feedier to collect Feedback data. All pushes are tracked and reported here. (Figure 6)
Figure 6
  • Tags: Tags let you group question answers and identify trends. Feedier runs an automatic algorithm to automatically tag some answers for you. (Figure 7)
Figure 7

Share and export reports

By clicking on the settings icon of your data you can :

  • Export your data in Excel either grouped or listed. You can also download it as PDF (Figure 8-Point 2)
  • View and share your data (Figure 8-Point 1)
Figure 8

When clicking “View and share” , in the bottom of the page that will appear, there is a link that you can copy paste and then share with whoever you want! (Figure 9)

Figure 9