Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

Upgrade your account

Upgrading your account gives you the ability to unlock powerful features in Feedier, including custom fields, and more advanced settings.


  1. Click on the 3 bars next to your name
  2. Select “billing” (Figure 1)
  3. Your current plan subscription will show up (Figure 2)
Figure 1
Figure 2

Change your current plan

Click “Edit subscription”. Now you have the choice between 3 different plans :”Essentials”, “Explorer” and “Prestige”

Pro tip!

The subscription to the “Prestige” plan is only possible via an invitation. You can request a training with one of our professionals to make the task easier.

Subscription Configuration

  1. Your new plan
  2. You can set the quantity here
  3. Here you have the items included in your plan
  4. This represents the monthly price of your subscription
  5. This is your total per year
  6. Add your credit here
  7. All you have to do is cofirm the payment and your plan will be upgraded!