Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

Actions – engage

Feedier’s Actions aim at going further in the customer relationship you’re starting off. The goal is to let you push specific actions to engage your participants to be a part of another activity. Whether that’s leaving a review or staying in touch, keep your participants engaged for longer. Those actions are designed to give your business value back and equilibrate the balance of value after you offered a reward.

New Action

  • From the forms listing page, edit any form
  • Click “Settings” and then go to “Actions”
  • Select a new action
  • Choose an action type
  • Fill in the details
  • In the description, You can also add a GIF, an image, or a link (Figure 2)
  • You can also set your satisfaction ratio: this determines whether the questions appear or not based on the respondent’s satisfaction (Figure 2 )
Figure 2
  • Click on “Complete”
  • Your Action is ready! (Figure 3)
Figure 3

Edit an Action

  1. Click on the blue icon (Figure 3)
  2. Select “Edit” (Figure 3)

Delete an Action

  1. Click on the blue icon (Figure 4)
  2. Click “Delete”
Figure 4