Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

Branding the forms

Make your form unique and AWESOME. The branding tab aims to give you the right tool to easily customize your Feedback Form and have the result that suits your brand.


  • From your dashboard, edit any form
  • Open the left menu, select “Branding”

How to brand your form

  • When picking the main colors of the form, you can choose from a wide range of colors to customize the form and adapt it to your company’s branding. You can change the Background Color as well as the Button and Text Color and see them in the example.
  • Upload your logo to make the visitors attach the form to your own brand and to Feedier’s one. You can also enable the “logo white buffer” to highlight it even more.
  • The cover will appear on every single page of the form that’s why it’s very important to customize it! You can either pick one of our selection or upload your own cover. You can also adjust the opacity of the image: the higher the opacity percentage is, the clearer the cover is.
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