Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

Create a new form

A feedback form is the most accurate way to evaluate customers’ satisfaction. The collected data helps you create a memorable customer experience and adjust decisions to their needs.


  1. Go to the forms listing page
  2. Click “New Feedback Form”
  3. Choose between “Template” or “By Myself”

Using a template

We have created spot-on form templates that suit your relevant set of customers like a charm! Once created from a template, the form is entirely customizable. Please make sure to edit the form and check the information first.

  • Select from our Most Popular Templates or click All to show more
  • Choose a Template and click on “Select”
  • Your form is ready to be edited

By Myself

You can create the Feedback Form from scratch. It will be pre-filled with 2 questions set as an example. Feel free to edit and or delete them.

  • Add a Form name
  • Click on “Save”
  • Your form is ready to be edited
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