Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

Create a new form

A feedback form is the most accurate way to evaluate customers’ satisfaction. The collected data is a resource to improve customer experience and adjust your actions to their needs.


  1. Go to the forms listing page
  2. Click “New Feedback Form” (Figure 1)
  3. Choose between “Template” or “By Myself” (Figure 2)
Figure 1
Figure 2

Using a template

We have created spot-on form templates that suit your relevant set of customers like a charm! Once created from a template, the form will contain ratings, questions, actions, and rewards ready to be edited. Please make sure to edit the form and check the information first.

  • Select “All” (Figure 3 – point 1)
  • Choose a Template and click on “Select” (Figure 3 – point 2)
  • Your form is ready to be edited

Figure 3

By Myself

You can create the Feedback Form from scratch. It will be pre-filled with 3 ratings and 2 questions set as an example. Feel free to edit and or delete them.

  • Add a Form name
  • Click on “Save” (Figure 4)
  • Your form is ready to be edited
Figure 4
Pro tip!

Removing all the ratings. By default, Feedier requires at least one rating because it used to calculate the satisfaction ratio. For Prestige accounts, you can deactivate this from the Advanced Settings page with the option “Disable Mandatory Satisfaction Rating”.

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