Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

Question conditions

Feedier gives you the ability to add conditional logic to your questions. Which means displaying a given Question only if one or several conditions are met. 


  • From your dashboard, edit any form
  • In the questions page, click on the blue icon of the question you want to add the condition to and click “Conditions” (Figure 1)
Figure 1

How to add conditions?

  • You can add conditions to any questions based on (from the Type field): 


  1. Previous question answers 
  2. Rating answers (from the first step, if any is displayed)
  3. Context Attributes values (so whatever parameter is passed in the URL can impact the questions displayed if you choose to)

  • For each type, you will find a defined set of operators to make sure your condition applies only in the case you want (Figure 3)
Figure 3
  • Select a value for the operator and then save.
  • Your condition is ready! You can edit or delete it by clicking on the blue actions icon (Figure 4)
Figure 4
Pro tip!

You can also add a condition to a section which means that all the questions will appear based on the following condition

How to visualize conditions?

  • You can either visualize the condition of a specific question by clicking the blue icon and choosing “Conditions” (Figure 5) or visualize all the conditions of the section by clicking the settings icon next to the section’s name (Figure 6) and then “Conditions”
Figure 5
Figure 6