Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

Questions – collect insights

Table of Contents

    Questions are the most important part of the form. You can select which questions are activated based on overall ratings using our tool satisfaction ratio. Feedier gives you the opportunity to choose from 12+ interactive question types. Get the right insight with the right question, every type is designed to be as interactive as possible.

    Create a new Question

    • Select a Question Type
    • Fill in the details
    • In the description, You can also add a GIF, an image or a link

    Edit a Question

    1. Click on the settings icon in front of the question
    2. Select “Edit”
    3. You can change the order by clicking on the question and sliding it up or down

    Delete a Question

    1. Click on the settings icon
    2. Click “Delete”

    Question Sections

    Sections allow you to organize the form by grouping your questions easily. The main two advantages are:

    1. You can apply one condition to multiple questions
    2. You can organize the questions by topic and make the editting page easier to read and to organize

    In order to create a section, fellow the steps below:

    • In the questions part, click “Create a new section”
    • Add your section’s name and save
    • Once your section appears, add the questions by dragging and dropping them.
    • You can move up/down or delete a section by clicking on the settings icon next to the section’s name

    Analyze Question Insights