Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

Slack integration

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    On Feedier, it is possible to connect your external CRM tools in order to receive your data directly from Feedier.

    By connecting Slack to your Feedier account, you can receive a Slack notification for each new feedback received on Feedier, you can notify the right person at the right time, choose the Slack channel you want to be notified on or manage your feedback. in the easiest way for you.

    Here are the steps to follow to integrate Feedier with your Slack account.

    #1 Connect to your Feedier Dashboard

    #2 Go to ‘User Stories’ section of your Dashboard

    #3 You can create a new Journey to get a global view, or integrate Slack on an Unassigned User Story

    #4 Click on the ‘Add an Action’ button and chose ‘Slack Message’

    #5 Connect to your Slack Account

    #6 Choose the right channel or the person who will receive the feedback notifications

    Voilà! Your Feedier account is well integrated with your Slack account!