Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

7 steps to collect 1st Feedback

Here are seven easy steps to collect Feedback in your Feedier account in a couple of minutes:

#1 Create your form

The first step is to create your form in Feedier. Head to the Feedier Dashboard here, on the “Feedback Forms” page, you will find the “New Form” button. Click on it and create a new form.

Figure 1

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#2 Setup the branding

Figure 2

The second step is to set up the form design so it suits your branding and looks as amazing as possible. Click “options” in the form builder and then “Logo and Color”. You will have the option to change the logo, color, and main background image.

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#3 Add satisfaction ratings

The third step is to add ratings to your form. Ratings help measure the satisfaction of your product or service while keeping the form interactive. The goal is to engage the participant in the form and measure satisfaction accurately.

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#4 Add questions

Figure 4

The fourth step is the most important one, it’s the questions. Where your team gets the insights they need. Feedier comes with 12 engaging question types that you can use with logic flows and interactive descriptions to make them unique and attractive.

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#5 (Optional) set up a reward

Figure 5

The fifth step is optional but lets you boost your response rate easily. There are mainly 3 kinds of rewards you can give with different advantages:

  • Social impact rewards. Incentives that motivate respondents and provide social impact for your communities. The respondent does not get a direct reward but gives you value with his Feedback and the value is transferred by you as social impact. Examples are planting a tree every 50 feedbacks, local charity donation every 30 feedbacks.
  • Loyalty rewards. Give a coupon or loyalty points to the participant at the end. Not only does it boost the response rate, but it also lets you build loyalty and engagement with your customers.
  • Gift rewards. Mostly used internally, this does not bring direct value do your business except making the participant (when he gets the reward) very happy. This could be a chance to get an Amazon discount code.

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#6 Test your form

Feedier provides a testing link for every form available when you click on preview. Validate the form with your teams and make sure it works as you wish.

#7 Deploy your form

The last step is to deploy the form using the channel that would get the best response rate according to the information you have on your respondents. You can do this from the Sharing tab in the form builder.

If you have any question, Feedier team is available to assist! ?