Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

Benchmark datasets

Feedier’s powerful benchmark filters help you compare datasets in real-time and detect success factors at every level you want to measure.


  1. From your dashboard, click Data Insights
  2. You can pick up to four searches, these are your benchmark tools! (Figure 1)
  3. You can benchmark the General and Questions tab in order to start comparing your feedback.
Figure 1

How to use it

1. Choose the Filter #1 (Figure 2), select a condition, a value and then click “Apply”

Figure 2

2. Do the same for the Filter #2 (Figure 3)

Figure 3

Now your page will appear with new additional data that is used as a comparison (vs) between the different datasets (Figure 4), these are your benchmark results. Remember you can even compare user stories to make things easier, select ‘Saved User Stories’ in the search box, and select the user stories to compare.

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