Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

Data insights

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    From the dashboard, click “Insights” on the top ribbon, here you will see a global view of your feedback, giving you a pulse on location of feedback, NPS score, and average Satisfaction Ratio.


    All your answers are compiled together in the Questions tab. If you use the same question over multiple forms, this will be merged into one graph for better visibility.

    Push Requests

    • Push Requests: Pushes are SMS and emails campaigns shared from your feedback forms through Feedier to collect Feedback data. All pushes are tracked and reported here including whether the email bounced, was delivered, clicked, and the individual feedback given.

    Benchmarking data sets

    Using the multiple searches on the Insights page is a powerful way to compare groups of data together. In this example the data being compared is before May, and after May. This helps you establish clearer trends in the way cohorts of individuals are interacting with your product or service.

    Share and export reports

    By clicking on the settings icon of your data you can export your data direct to Excel.

    When clicking “View and share” you are able to generate a link that you can share to members of your team.