Feedier Manual

Feedier Manual

Monitor progress

Feedier gives you the opportunity to monitor and control your feedback thanks to variety of features.

Table of Contents

    Setting up an Email Notification and automatically assigning users to feedback.

    Having an email notification triggered automatically whenever feedback comes through is a useful way to keep track of your feedback as it comes in, and gives the opportunity for members of your team to view certain feedback depending on the conditions that are set.

    1. Go to the Live Journeys page.
    2. Click ‘Add a new user story’, you can do this directly in an existing Live Journey, or separately creating a new unattached user story.

    3. Then choose the type of Feedback you wish to track, in this case we’re looking to receive notifications for ‘Feedback Form’ where the Satisfaction Ratio is lower than 30%

    4. Choose the filters you wish to use, making sure to click the ‘validate’ button each time to add a new filter.

    5. You’ll now have your user story generated, click ‘Add an Action’ then select ‘Manage Users’, here you’ll be able to select the users who should receive live alerts when new feedback is triggered for this story.

    Adding a Feedback Status

    1. From the Feedbacks page choose a Feedback form
    2. Set a status to your form (Figure 1)
    3. You can choose between : To be contacted, In progress, Contacted, Resolved (Figure 2)
    Figure 1
    Figure 2

    Feedback Comments

    1. Choose your feedback form
    2. Click “view details” (Figure 3)
    3. Go to “Feedback comments” (Figure 4)
    4. You can now add your comment!
    Figure 3
    Figure 4